Artist Bio

Enoch Alirwana Mukiibi, was born in 1975 in a family of nine to an artist father, Mugalula Mukiibi. Unlike his siblings attending boarding schools, Mukiibi an asthmatic was a day scholar. At home he spent most of his time in his father’s studio/gallery where he made up his mind to becoming an artist too when he grew up.

When he was older, Mukiibi attended secondary school at the prestigious Kings College Buddo where he first got exposed to formal classes.

One of my art lessons resulted into punishment (a slap on the cheek). The exercise was to draw an orange with a lead pencil, since the orange was all green, I shaded it all over with the one tool I had, the pencils drew my circle and shaded it black regardless of the light effect. The impatient teacher’s question as to why the light around the orange was given no consideration was punctuated by a slap. But this unfortunate beginning did not deter me. It only strengthened my resolve.

At University, he pursued a degree course in Literature and Social linguistics, graduating in 2000. Throughout the three-year course, he held onto his childhood dream of being an artist, and upon completion, he decided to practice art fulltime, which he has successfully done since. Mukiibi paints with oils, acrylics and watercolor. He paints with bare fingers, brushes and palette knives executing bold thick-layered strokes. There is a stubborn freedom seen in these strokes. He talks about day-to-day activities in a rural African setting; mothers and children, water carriers, children at play, all in semi abstract forms.

Enoch’s work possesses constant quality and various styles, making it easily recognizable for its unique colour brilliance. It has been collected by people with a love for Ugandan art and also appreciated for its humanitarian value.He has exhibited at numerous shows locally and his pieces grace the walls of many notable galleries.  He is participating in the 2018 Capetown Art Fair, represented by Afriart Gallery.



Recent ExhibitionsLinks / PressVideo

1998 EXPO98 Lisbon Portugal.

2000 EXPO2000 Hanover Germany.

2003 Rssokunstsupermarkt Amsterdam Netherlands.

2003 Zinunula Omunaku Primary school workshop Kampala Uganda.

2003 Van Beek Art Sale Amsterdam Netherlands.

2003 Niemsland Expo Dusseldorf Germany.

2003 East African Artists, Biennale Dar es Salaam Tanzania.

2003 ABAATO Rocking Horses Auction Kampala Uganda.

2003 Rehabilitating Former Street kids Christmas Workshop (Cornerstone) Kampala Uganda.

2004 Breathing Bijlmer Festival Amsterdam Netherlands.

2004 Aid Child/ Equator Gallery café Masaka Uganda.

2004 Ngoma Young Artists’ International workshop (Ford Foundation funded) Kampala Uganda.

2004 Aid Child Workshop (With orphan children living with aids) Masaka Uganda.

2004 Cornerstone workshop (with Rehabilitating former street children) Kampala Uganda.

2004 Cornerstone art exhibition Kampala Uganda.

2004 Ngoma artists’ exposition Kampala Uganda

2004 1st SOLO Exhibition (UGCS) Kampala Uganda

2004 ABAATO Throne Exposition (All Artists) Kampala Uganda

2004 AIDCHILD Artist of the year 2005 Uganda

2005 Print maker’s exhibition Kampala Uganda

2005 International Women’s day Exposition, NOMO gallery Kampala Uganda

2006 ABAATO Mirror Exposition (All Artists) Kampala

2007 Wild Endeavors (Uganda Conservation Foundation) London

2007 3rd East and Central African Biennale (EASTFAB) Dar-es-Salaam

2008 Dual Exhibition Tulifanya Art Gallery Kampala Uganda.

2008 Abaato Screen Exhibition(Principle Artist).

2009 AIDCHILD SOLO School fees Exhibition Sheraton Kampala.

2009 Via Africa Art Exhibition Cambridge UK.

2009 AfriArt Solo Exhibition Kampala Uganda.

2010 Controversial All Artists Exhibition Dutch Embassy Kampala Uganda.

2011 Shangai Expo China

2018 Capetown Art fair