Artist Bio

George Kyeyune is a painter, sculptor, art historian, educator, and administrator.  He performs these multiple roles as a member of the academic staff at the Makerere Art School where he is director of the Makerere Art Gallery / Institute of Heritage Conservation and Restoration. In his new body of work for this exhibition created over the last six months, we see Kyeyune in a moment of transformation. Employing a multitude of materials, he narrates the notion of mobility through geographical space, social status, and his own artistic practice.

In his Power of the Eye article of Friday 8th February 2013, Dominic Muwanguzi suggested that Kyeyune’s exhibition at Afriart Gallery was “studying the social scene of Kampala.” Kyeyune was then depicting boda boda drivers and mweso playing youth in Kampala. This time he presents a more personal narrative. Kyeyune was recently privileged to host an introduction ceremony, kwanjula, of one of his young relatives. He presided as a respected elder, a role that gave him a vantage point of power to observe and guide the ceremony. It was a springboard for this new work. There was a reawakening in him of the social expectations and actions played by various members in a community. He narrates a tradition that has remained alive despite the changing times where communications in a globalized world render the distant within reach, and the foreign accessible. At a touch of a button, after purchasing an Internet Bundle in Uganda’s bundled communications infrastructure, the world is in ones hands for as long as the bundle lasts.

  • Tutwaleko

    Dr. Kyeyune George Tutwaleko, 84 x 68 cm, Oil on canvas

  • The Phone Call

    Dr. Kyeyune George The phone call, 100 x 70 cm, Oil on canvas

  • Senga

    Dr. Kyeyune George Senga, 84 x 69cm, Oil on canvas

  • Kifumbira

    Dr. Kyeyune George Kifumbira, 75 x 69 cm, Oil on canvas

  • Ntwalako

    George Kyeyune Oil on Canvas, 51 x 81 cm, 2015.

  • Butcher

    George Kyeyune Oil on Canvas, 56 x 76 cm, 2015.

  • Baa Senga

    George Kyeyune Oil on Canvas, 59 x 81 cm, 2015.

  • Omuko II

    George Kyeyune Oil on Canvas, 70 x 90 cm, 2015.

  • Boda Boda

    George Kyeyune Oil on Canvas, 55 x 57 cm, 2012.

  • Omukko I

    George Kyeyune Oil on Canvas, 40 x 30 cm, 2015.