Artist Bio

Born and raised in Kampala 1980, Ismael completed a bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Fine Art (BIFA-Hons) from Margaret Trowell School of Art, Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda in 2005.
During his days at University, he recalls having trouble with his tutors over limited freedom of expression.

“To me, being an artist is being oneself.”

He gets inspiration from daily activities from the streets of Kampala, beaches and boats on lake Victoria and animals. Although his style renders less detail, his strength lies in forms, controlled light and perspective.
To date he has made a mark on the Art scene both locally and internationally. His work graces the walls of many corporate and private collectors globally.

In one of his latest exhibitions, “My Name is Kateregga” the artist stresses the fact that his work is the truest description of him, each painting therefore is a self portrait in itself.

“My work is an instinctive spiritual response to my immediate surroundings.”



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