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Born in 1986, Ngula says that from Secondary school, he realized that there was a side to him that was “arty”, even though his parents dictated different avenues for their children to succeed in life. It was by sheer determination that he pursued his interest in art. As a self taught artist, his work is different from formally trained artists. He paints subjects based on the great influences of modern times;war and television.

“I cant say my art is based upon African art, is someone telling you that? Except if he is from the sixties. But we have matured; in front of TV, the books we read, from comics and movies we watch, from the language we talk to what we are taught in school. This context applies in my art.”

Ngula Yusuf’s work per takes to tackle not only social and economic aspects of today’s society but also question the political procedures enforced by the current government. His work strives to engage with the viewer’s emotions towards these issues raised.

“My response to your view” (2015), was Ngula’s first show at Afriart Gallery. Looking at his works it is as if the artist seeks a continuous argument with his audience. Ngula’s subjects are begging to be understood and to be loved, but at the same time they have the strong desire to be chaotic, free and search their own path; craving to be left alone.

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October 2015 Afriart Gallery – My response to your view