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After completing Makerere University with a BA in fine art in 1990, Taga embarked on his career and has painted since using water colour and oil, his favourite subject has always been wildlife, scenery and the human figure. He has a passion for culture and the people he prefers for his subject are usually from rural Uganda.

His latest exhibition was inspired by Kampala as changing city. He strongly feels that an artist has an obligation to capture those moments that were there for the future generation, whether they were good or bad.

 “Kampala is changing as a city. Every year we are witnessing new, tall buildings coming up from the slums. To capture the spirit of today, I was almost forced to make a paintings like these, so that our children in ten-twenty years’ time will see how the town was before it changed.”

Taga is a master in watercolour, regarded by many as one of the most difficult medium to manage because it involves working with a wet surface and colours are always moving, creating an element of surprise. At the same time, the extreme portability of the medium makes it useful for quick sketches wherever the artist might find himself. Taga’s energetic, abbreviated brushstrokes and phenomenal sense for detail and colour make his works true collectors’ items.

Taga has worked with many conservation and wildlife groups in Uganda like Jane Goodall institute in Ngamba island chimpanzee sanctuary, Uganda Wildlife Education Centre, Ecotrust and African Wildlife Foundation. His wildlife works of primates and moths have appeared on Uganda stamps. Uganda tourism board commissioned him to make a mural depicting thirty five Uganda’s favourite bird species to represent Uganda in the international bird-fairs abroad.

His works hang in the prestigious Mweya lodge, Queen Elizabeth national park Semiliki Safari Lodge in Semiliki national park, Emin Pasha hotel, Nile prestige bank, Good African Coffee (Lugogo mall), State House Entebbe, Citi bank, Hima Cement offices in Kampala and many residences in Uganda and abroad.

Taga lectured art at the Christian Brothers University in Memphis, Tennessee-USA as a Fulbright scholar. He is now a full time artist in Uganda working on the preservation of culture and conservation of wildlife through art.

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