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A Proprietor of @rtpunch studio, Wasswa Donald (aka WASWAD) is Uganda´s multidisciplinary, contemporary artist who has received his training from Kyambogo university and is now working with artists from different backgrounds and experiences. He believes that each art disciple greatly contributes to the others, and so he finds his inspiration to create by collaborating with other artists.

Waswad`s whimsical paintings and dreamscape work is an expression of the social, political and economic situations surrounding him, Ugandans and Africans at large. He experiments with various materials and artistic styles to express himself. In his works he blends semi-abstract and realism styles, looking for the hidden beauty that lies in the incorporation of a variety of materials when creating sculptures and installations.

Nature, music, and dreams are the main sources of inspiration for Waswad hence   giving birth to a new language that he speaks, ELEPHANISH!!!

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