Artist Bio

Xenson (Samson Ssenkaaba) is a multi-media artist who interrogates contemporary issues through a synergy of; installations, videos, performance, poetry, fashion and paintings. He is a multi talented creator of the unconventional with extraordinary imagination and unfound creativity greatly influenced by the grandeur of African arts, African cultures, vitality of African dance and Hip-Hop as a free expressive art form. He is at the vanguard of a youthful art renaissance that refuses to be pigeonholed into a singular artistic expression.

Whether hand painting clothes for his Art for Wear fashion label “XENSON”’ piercing live graffiti performances and back chops co-directing music videos and Hip-Hop shows or reciting his poetry, Ssenkaaba lives up to his motto, “creativity is limitless”.

Xenson’s work explores the concepts of identity and global circulation of culture against the contextual background of pre and postcolonial history. The resulting visual narrative is a reflection of the complexity of contemporary culture and preservation of memory.

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The X Factor: Artist Xenson is making waves in Africa – Xenson is a multimedia artist, designer and poet from Uganda with big dreams and even bigger talent. Source: CNN