Artist Bio

Yiga Robert is a Uganda artist born in 1986. He has a bachelor’s degree in industrial and fine art from Margaret Trowel School Makerere University. He is specialized in printmaking (woodcut).
He participated in numerous group art exhibitions at Nommo gallery, Afriart gallery, Eminin Pasha gallery, Uganda art gallery and Umoja art gallery. It’s common to find busy people in busy places, carrying loads, pushing fruits on wheelbarrows, riding bicycles, wild life, boda boda, hunting, fruit vendors and transport related problems that dominated our Ugandan roads. Through his works, Yiga expresses his views about urban lifestyle today, where he sees a shift of responsibilities from a casual past to a current commercialized lifestyle. Everyone from the farmer to the consumer struggles to earn a penny, and struggles to spend it in order to survive in an uncertain economy. It is this theme of struggle that Yiga incorporates into his artworks.

Using the rainbow colour scheme, Yiga Robert employs the light to dark technique which he finds unique and gives bright, clear colours.
Finally my artist statement is that hard work and consistence are key values that have seen me through my challenging moments.

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