FNB Joburg Art Fair | 7 – 9 September 2018

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As the first international art fair on the continent, the FNB JoburgArtFair plays a pivotal role in supporting the contemporary arts landscape in Africa. The Fair provides a space for leading artists, galleries, collectors, writers, thinkers and art lovers to congregate. 

This year, the Fair will feature exhibitions within 4 categories including Contemporary Galleries, Solo Presentations, Limited Editions and Art Platforms. Afriart is proud to be among the selected contemporary galleries. It is the third year Afriart is participating in this prestigious fair on the continent and happy to represent our talented Ugandan artists to the international audience.

We are pleased to return to the FNB Joburg Art fair showcasing some of the leading contemporary artists from Uganda.

Visit us at StandC01.

For this 11th edition, we are proud to present works by;

Sanaa Gateja, Blue mood, 2018

Sanaa Gateja b. 1950 is a mixed-media artist and jewelry designer who is widely known for his signature incorporation of recycled man-made

waste materials in his practice, particularly his pioneering fashioning of beads from discarded paper, which earned him the nickname ‘The Bead King’ in Uganda. His works range from experimental abstract art in the form of richly detailed wall hangings on barkcloth to wearable art and accessories, all of which are strongly rooted in African culture.

“The message I bring is visually African; the themes I present are universally human,” says Gateja.

Gateja studied interior design in Italy and jewelry design at Goldsmiths in London. He has exhibited extensively across Africa as well as internationally.

Ocom Adonias, Street disciple, 2018

Ocom Adonias b. 1989 is a figurative artist working with drawing, painting and stop- motion animation. His work engages in the realistic presentation of the lives of the common man and his heritage. The underlying intention is to tell stories about his experiences and the lives of people that he has met.

While interrogating his current theme “Who is your Saint?” the artist delves into aspects of day to day life of urbanites, prevailing political discourse, and sexuality that inspire the notion of Sainthood. Here Ocom uses newspapers not only as a drawing surface but also to symbolize what is in the news today. It seems to him that all that people know is what is in the news. The compositions in this series are of daily social activity that is taken for granted.

Stacey Gillian Abe, Seat of honor #7, 2017

Stacey Gillian Abe b. 1991 is a graduated with a BA Hons in Art and Industrial Design from Kyambogo University Kampala, Uganda in 2014.

Her installations and performances are integrations between man, the spiritual realm and more believing how these spheres influence and form our individual identities.
Her concepts materialize into created imagined spaces that probe thought on identity, spirituality and cultural mysticism as seen in her series; Indigogo (2018), Seat of Honor (2017), Enya Sa (2017), Strange fruit Konyagi (2015), with the installations taking Centre stage as they star in these new worlds.

Her process highlights the strength and fragility of the female mind in the self, each space that Abe works on has its own contexts and gets its own interpretations.

Collin Sekajugo, The closet 1, 2018

Collin Sekajugo b. 1980, a self-taught Rwandan-Ugandan painter, is engaged in exploring the link between art and community in Africa. His work is often characterized by a tightly defined color palette composed of painting, collage, photography and line drawing. A dedicated community activist, Sekajugo’s interest in the nexus of art and community has seen his involvement in numerous art conferences, workshops and residencies in Africa, Europe and North America, and led to his establishment of Ivuka Arts, the first art centre, studio space in Kigali, Rwanda, which grew to become a vital agent in the development of the Rwandan contemporary art scene.

Please send an email to daudi@afriartgallery.org in case you want to receive the catalogue and prices of the works on show.