Henry Mzili – Head

Opening 4th April 2014

What the artist says about working on Head.

Working on head was fun, agonizing, intoxicating (literally), irritating, confusing, hilarious and rewarding. For a long while, I was fiddling with loss of colour while focusing on textural qualities of painted and human surfaces. The process of curving a head out of powder paints to give it a presence worthy of any wall hanging was a mixture of stencils, dubs and scratches, a very conscious process of avoiding obvious brush strokes (brush strokes are cliché and denote the old order). Occasional shots of liquor provided the much needed courage and steadiness of mind for the investigative, yet frivolous, process that was so much desired to give the heads a spiritual- sexual presence. The guitar also helped a lot to lighten the mood; emphasizing the pastel palette.

The subject matter was a quest to patch up some heads that were threatened with disintegration caused by excessive hedonism and material wantonness.
The dickheads, for instance, clamored for blind penetration, forever torn between holes.  The scatter-heads, undecided on legislation, fomented antiquated bills to deal with present challenges.  In a bid to entrench one’s folly, blind obduracy  often  succeeds in driving reason away; Who wants to reason with dickheads anyway?

Henry Mzili Mujunga (April 2014)

Download the exhibition catalogue here

Mzili Catalogue for web_Page_01

  1. abel nuwasasira

    authentic ……….i like the simplicity exhihibited in the finished though mr. mzili lamments difficulty in the drawing process

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