Ngula’s latest works show a mirror of today’s society


I am a prophet of today,
A reflection of understanding,
But with no love!

An alternative colorist of what you haven’t seen,
For I oppose what am taught and search my own.
For my vision may be twisted,
But my hues are telling.

For I am revolutionary,
And you’re going to keep on saying that as I am everywhere near or not you.
A teacher of high integrity,
As I teach with my masterful brush… ink too.

Though my works are not as bright as the sons of the stars,
Rather strenuous.
Bothering the brain that it may stay longer to taste a meal from my hand,
As it appreciates the sweat in my works.

For I am everything with understanding…

Ngula Kirre Yusuf

Ngula Yusuf’s work per takes to tackle not only social and economic aspects of today’s society but also question the political procedures enforced by the current government. His work strives to engage with the viewer’s emotions towards these issues raised.

In his show “My response to your view” it is as if the artist seeks a continuous argument with his audience. Ngula’s subjects are begging to be understood and to be loved, but at the same time they have the strong desire to be chaotic, free and search their own path; craving to be left alone.

This is Ngula’s first exhibition at Afriart Gallery and we expect that you will soon hear a lot more about him. Don’t miss!

Opening Reception: Friday 16 October, 6 – 9 pm (Free entrance)

Showing until 30th October 2015

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