Perception or Reality – Ronex

Over the years Ronex’ works have leaned more to abstraction, but this year he stretches it to the opposite end with traces of his imagination. His visual journey mostly entails challenging his own capabilities which in turn becomes his own new reality or world.

This upcoming solo exhibition is a visual and engaging question asking: “What is reality? Is WHAT WE SEE, KNOW or EXPERIENCE termed as reality? Is realism limited to mimicking nature or it can include human creations? On the other hand if reality is a fragment of our imagination and what we perceive is often wrong, how we can know what is real or not?” To those who have followed Ronex’ works over the years: “Which world defines his true identity or reality? Does it matter anyway or one can he have and enjoy different identities?” The questions are asked on the basis of those who believe that “free will is an illusion”.

Opening Reception on Friday 15 January from 6 pm – 9 pm
Entrance FREE, bring a friend.

Ronex about the contradictions in his work. Video by Eric Mukalazi | DragonFly Media