Posers – Canon Griffin

Curator Statement by Andrea Stultiens

Canon Griffin makes the job of curating a hard one. He amasses pictures, builds series years on ends, shoots continuously. Where to begin selecting? Can a selection ever do justice to his omnivorous eye, to his hunger to see and to show?

I am not sure whether the answer to the latter question can be positive. But I can tell you what I tried to do.

You are welcomed by the protagonists of a work that has been progressing since 2011. Each portrait offers a character in her or his own right. But they also great you together, in formation. A formation loosely inspired by German artist Gerhard Richter’s “48 portraits”. Richter translated photographs of carefully selected rather famous men into more or less uniformly painted portraits that float back and forth between individuality and formality and are organized by the way in which they cast their gazes into space.

When you stroll on through the gallery, you will meet fragments of posers. They are affected by the conditions they are in but obviously remain useful.

And finally, you find these human figures in the circumstances in which they function. Now we can start to imagine what they pose through on a daily basis. What they see while the world, with us in it, passes by. Their stillness will keep reminding us of our velocity. It is us who makes them.

Canon Griffin makes the job of curating his work very easy. He is very articulate and does not need other people speaking for him or his pictures. Please take note of what he has to say about these same photographs and their protagonists in the last space displaying his work. Then make sure to meet his posers once again with an open mind on your way out.

Exhibition opens on 23 February 6pm – 9 pm
And runs till 23 March 2018
Entrance if free