PIASA 2016

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Catalogue_ART_AFRICAIN_1Paris based Auction House PIASA’s  sale ‘Origins & Trajectories’ on 9 June 2016 will highlight the creative diversity of artists from Africa or of African origin and for the first time also show several artists from Uganda represented through Afriart Gallery.

Reflecting the ‘Afropolitan’ notion that migration (be it forced or voluntary) and nomadic tradition have helped shape contemporary African identity, the PIASA sale will showcase artistic practices inspired by the history of the African continent, and their interpretation in an increasingly globalized world.

The works selected for auction will show how artists deal with their own lives and identities, and how they treat such topical issues as the environment and the movement of goods and people.


By affording them unprecedented prominence at the 2015 Venice Biennale, Nigerian curator Okwi Enwezor reinforced the international profile of artists from Africa or of African origin. With exhibitions devoted to African artists becoming more and more frequent in Europe and the United States, and western collectors revealing surprising arrays of works assembled over time, the market for African contemporary art is developing fast. Biennales, fairs and galleries all offer the chance for works by an increasing number of internationally-recognized artists to enter collections in Africa and the West.

Hot on the heels of the 2016 Dakar Biennale, the PIASA sale ‘Origins & Trajectories of Contemporary Art from Africa and the African Diaspora’ is part of a spate of initiatives designed to boost the discovery – or rediscovery – of a tremendous range of artists, many of whom work both in Africa and in Europe or the United States.

The PIASA sale will turn the spotlight on artists whose personal history makes them ideally placed to assess global developments. It will not be organized geographically or chronologically, but explore the themes of identity, female representation, the environment, and the movement of goods and people.

Afriart Gallery is presenting works of the the following Ugandan artists:

  • Henry Mzili Mujunga
  • Sanaa Gateja
  • Joseph Ntensibe
  • Farid Mahfudh

Their works can be viewed in the catalog which can be downloaded from the Piasa website: