Art Notes

Art Notes by AAG is an online series featuring voices from the AAG community: artists, our staff, clients, friends, fans, collaborators, peers, and supporters. We are excited to share the diverse voices from within the community, to create space for sharing thoughts, knowledge, ideas, and inspiration – all about art.

Art Notes #1 - Daudi Karungi (Director Afriart Gallery)


Art Notes #2 - Linda Mutesi Sekaziga (Collector & Lawyer)


ART NOTES #3 - Azu Nwagbogu (Independent Curator / Director AAF and LagosPhoto Festival)


ART NOTES # 4 - Bryant Bowens (Collector and Co-Founder of CRONJA Culture, a cannabis lifestyle company)


ART NOTES #5 - Margaret Nagawa (Artist Scholar and Collector


ART NOTES #6 - Sanaa Gateja (Artist)