Amna Elhassan

Born in Khartoum, Sudan, in 1988, Amna Elhassan still lives and works in the triangle capital after studying abroad. She received a Bachelor of Science in architecture (First-class honors) from Khartoum University in 2010 and a Master in architecture from the University of Rome, Sapienza, Italy, in 2013. Her educational background supported her path into working as a full-time visual artist. Her artistic practices range from printmaking to oil paintings. She has participated in a number of workshops as well as group exhibitions in Khartoum and Tunisia since 2015. In her work she often turns her attention to women in transition, may it be physical or spiritual in different phases. She is also interested in concepts such as the transfer of knowledge and intergenerational relations.


Selected Press:

Christine Xuereb Seidu for Artpaper #12: Identity inSudanese Art and ‘the Many Mothers of Sudan’s Revolution’. 2020.

Isabella Pearce for Shado Mag: International Women’s Day2019. 2019.

1988 -
Nationality: Sudanese
Residence: Sudan