Charity Atukunda

Charity Atukunda was born in Rukungiri, Uganda in 1988. After her family moved to the United States, she spent her formative years seeking out her place as an artist, drawing on visual fine arts, graphic novels and animations for inspiration. She returned to Uganda in 2008 only to experience an unexpected dose of decolonizing, self-deconstruction and an uncomfortable vulnerability that forces her to constantly search herself and her culture. She is passionate about drawing, painting and collage. More recently her work aims to unify the tactile and digital by collecting textures, patterns, and illustrations she creates by hand and then using digital tools to combine these diverse elements, creating her own unique style. Her images are marked by a conscious use of pattern, symbolism and mythical allusions. Atukunda's work often explores and questions the ideas, beliefs and systems that govern our lives. 

Nationality: Ugandan
Residence: Kampala