Maliza Kiasuwa

Maliza Kiasuwa, born 1975, is a visual artist of European and African background, based and working between Kenya and Belgium. 

Maliza has held numerous solo exhibitions around the globe – at United Nations Recreations Gallery (Nairobi), CCCM Gallery (Geneva), Kohler Gallery (Geneva), Alliance Francaise (Nairobi), Circle Art Gallery (Nairobi), Morton Fine Art (Washington), Sulger Buel Gallery (London), and Résidence PiC Mol (Brussels), among others. She has also been part of group exhibitions at Circle Art Gallery (Nairobi), Sulger Buel Lovell Gallery (London), Afriart Gallery (Kampala), Foreign Agent Gallery (Lausanne), National Museums of Kenya (Nairobi), Foundation Obama (Nairobi), and Nomad Gallery (Brussels), to mention but a few.

“I create works with stimulating and eclectic elements to celebrate Africa’s mystic power of nature by using raw materials and traditional symbols of energy that flow through the veins of the continent.

The interest in transformative and regenerative processes stems from a desire to penetrate the mystery of ageing and death as a process crucial to our existence.

I mainly transform everyday items by combining reductive methods of shredding and twisting with constructive processes of tying, weaving, stitching and dyeing.” – Maliza Kiasuwa

1975 -
Residence: Kenya and Belgium