Nelsa Guambe

Nelsa Guambe, born in 1987 in Chicuque (Mozambique) is an artist based in Maputo where she lives and work across a range of multidisciplinary fields and collaborations. In 2017 she co-founded DEAL (Design Entertainment Art and Literature). Nelsa Guambe is a self-taught artist who began making art after completing her studies for a Bachelor degree in Public Administration and Development studies from UNISA (University of South Africa) in 2010. Guambe’s interest in photography has led her to find a way of combining her passion for photography and painting into her work. The past two years she has been painting portraits from photographs of herself, family members and friends.

“I paint from photos I take of myself, family and friends, as well as photos of my parents (from when they were young adults), maybe to immortalize, it’s a way of me re/connecting with that moment, that space, that emotion. I hope the viewer can feel the same”.

She has had a number of solo exhibitions in Maputo and group exhibitions in Mozambique and abroad.

Selected Press

Barnabas Muvhuti for Nelsa Guambe. 2022.

The Economist: A $2bn loan scandal sank Mozambique’s economy. 2019.

Atelier55design: Mozambican Artist Nelsa Guambe Merging Art and Sustainable Design. 2017.

1987 -
Nationality: Mozambican
Residence: Maputo, Mozambique