A love that dares | curated by Margaret Nagawa

March 05, 2017 - May 06, 2017

A love that dares is the inaugural exhibition at our new Afriart Gallery on 7th street industrial area Kampala location.

Afriart is thrilled to announce the opening of a new exhibition and convening space on 7th Street Industrial Area, Kampala with her inaugural exhibition titled A Love That Dares, focusing on the temerity of love by some of the pivotal artists in Uganda: Theresa Musoke, Mira Nair, Sanaa Gateja, Joseph Ntensibe, and Zuleika Kingdon. These confident and vibrant artists explore possibilities for love to permeate and perhaps erase, these immensely troubled and hate-filled times around the world.

Theresa Musoke presents the stark and spare beauty of wildlife in her woodcut prints that directly challenge the persistent and senseless environmental degradation that threatens our very existence. Released in 1990, the film Mississippi Masala by Mira Nair explores migration and interracial love in the southern USA, remaining pertinent and topical today in Uganda, USA, and around the world. In his installation and bead & bark-cloth tapestries, Sanaa Gateja discusses trade and migration journeys traversed over generations, inviting us to reconnect to our history, our mythological, and spiritual guides in order to collectively and peacefully move forward. In his oil paintings, Joseph Ntensibe suggests that we crack open the curtain of hatred to reach the radiant optimism that lies beyond it. Zuleika Kingdon’s documentary Visions and Dreams captures generations of artists at Makerere University Art School from the 1960s to the 1990s who reveal their intellectual and aesthetic concerns while immersing us in a small but pertinent fraction of Uganda’s art history.

These artists draw from current affairs, oral and written literature, lived experience, and environmental concerns, to paradoxically express love and pain, stirring in the viewer a reflection on community, through challenging the status quo and suggesting possibilities for the future of humanity.