Collage broadly defined

March 20, 2020 - May 16, 2020

112 Seventh Street, Kampala, Uganda

Curator Sarah Bushra has put together the exhibition – COLLAGE BROADLY DEFINED showcasing the works of 6 formidable artists from Kampala, Kinshasa, and Nairobi. 

The artists intersect and divulge thematically in their treatment of collage as a process and a durational piece that comes to embody a transformative character. 

Gael Maski concerns himself with building a bridge between dreams that exist as an oasis to societal realities in ecological, psychological, and physical spheres.

Letaru Dralega arrives at sanctifying the hyphenated identity while ruminating the inherent violence in constructing an imagined past that wipes colonial history. 

Eria Nsubuga 'Sane' focuses on the accidental nature of collage and looks at borders as contingencies of improvised fragmentations. 

Canon Griffin’s works dwell in [the] in-between spaces and he draws us into their liminality through the process of recalling.

Maliza Kiasuwa reveals the struggle for visibility in a shared space. She tasks us to sense the invisible and unspeakable in a predominantly vibrant façade. 

Ocom Adonias uses the chaos inherent to collage as a backdrop to highlight characters personifying societal norms. 

How they each chose to treat this period, between the making and unmaking, fragmentation and assemblage, violence and sensitivity become revealing of their role in the contemporary conversation of creating, establishing, and nurturing connections. 

Each artist, in their exploration of the vocabulary, form, and course of collage – invite us to a distinct and intimate reading of this media, eventually guiding us through a turbulent landscape that exists between the lines.

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