Possibilities | a design exhibition

December 15, 2017 - February 02, 2018

112 Seventh Street, Kampala, Uganda

Possibilities: Unspecified qualities of a promising nature

Definition: A chance that something might exist, happens, or be true: the state or fact of being possible. 

Something that might be done or might happen: something that is possible. 

Possibilities: abilities or qualities that could make someone or something better in the future.

Afriart Gallery on 7th is ending 2017 with an exhibition that best defines our new gallery space. It is a true testimony to the saying “when you are given lemons, make lemonade”. Kampala lacked an art space whose dynamic nature would accommodate all kinds of exhibitions. Since Afriart Gallery on 7th street opened its doors in March 2017, we have seen artists exhibit artworks in formats never seen before in Uganda. Our membership program grew beyond expectation; we received 50% more paid members than we expected.

We are dedicating the last show of 2017 to design, a sector of the creative industry that hasn’t received much of a platform for exposure, yet it is the basis of everything that exists. Creative services in Uganda are often perceived to be producing art or objects for decorative purposes, not to solve problems using the unique capacity and of designers to innovate. As an art gallery, the debate about ‘design’ being art or an art form is an interesting one that we would like to explore further. Yet with this exhibition, titled ‘Possibilities’ we most of all want to celebrate Ugandan Design and its endless opportunities.

Possibilities; is using old, neglected Shipping pallets as a material to re-create. Nowadays pallets are being used in Uganda to make furniture and other decorative items. Afriart gallery invited designers in Kampala to explore with this versatile material and come up with artworks that stretch our imagination as to what else is possible.

Artists: Peter Karyeija, Phany collective, Gerald Kikomeko, Ronex, Thomas Bef studio, Palletify, Troy, Design Hub Kampala, Design Without Borders

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