Seniority First (Group exhibition)

August 10, 2019 - September 30, 2019

112 Seventh Street, Kampala, Uganda

"Seniority First" a group exhibition featuring Ugandan artists: Taga Nuwagaba, Sanaa Gateja, Fred Mutebi, Stephen Gwoktcho, Kizito Maria Kasule, Lilian Nabulime

This exhibition features artworks by six contemporary Ugandan artists with both local and international recognition. The exhibition focuses on the mediums they mainly use, emphasizing the masterly handling of the techniques.

Spanning years of practice and producing great works, this group exhibition is very unique. The exhibition presents Ugandan Art Masters of a senior generation with their different styles. It refutes the widespread view that Ugandan art is almost devoid of aesthetic principles and that Uganda has no Masters. The exhibition allows the viewers to re-acquaint themselves with the techniques and the careers of artists Taga Nuwagaba, Fred Mutebi, Dr Kizito Maria Kasule, Stephen Gwoktcho, Dr Lilian Nabulime and Sanaa Gateja.

‘Seniority First’ gives viewers an opportunity to learn about the role of these artists in society, their artistic achievements in their careers, their ideas and how these are realized in their works of art.  It is inviting us on a journey to trace the arc of their existence through art, illustrating the unique nature of each of them.

Viewers will be able to get firsthand information from the Masters as they provide an overview of the different techniques they have become known for.

The exhibition’s intent is to present the varied directions, styles and techniques of contemporary Ugandan art.These artists are from diverse artistic backgrounds, collectively, their artworks will provide an understanding of previous contemporary artistic practices both Eurocentric and indigenous experimental. This kind of presentation helps us bridge the gap between the past and present art practices in Uganda.

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