To Live Is To Become | Waswa Donald

March 31, 2017 - April 18, 2017

In the exhibition ‘TO LIVE IS TO BECOME’ Waswad (Donald Wasswa) presents a new series of drawings, sculptures and mixed-media paintings where he explores, observes and interprets the habitation of humans in undesirable environments where both fear and desire for change arise. It is the ability of humans to adapt to these restrictions that intrigues the artist’s mind. This ignited the debate to re-examine who we really are and hence the new initialism T.M.W.A., which is an acronym for The Most Weird Animals.

Waswad prefers to work in organic materials particularly African hardwood (Mugavu, Muvule, Teak, Ebony) from trees that have become damaged, sourced from different parts of the country and other waste materials which he turns to a new purpose. He looks for the hidden beauty that lies in the incorporation of these materials, giving them a new life as works of art.