Afriart Gallery kicks off a new Children's Programme

Published 21 October 2022 in News

When Katwe Primary school from Kampala came through on September 27th, the kids thrived in experimenting and finding words out of AAG’s current exhibition title Kaddugalamukatale! ‘Ttale’ – a place where animals are taken to graze, ‘Addugala’ – someone is dirty and ‘Lamuka’ – to wake up and become aware. It is amazing to get introduced to new meanings of Xenson’s exhibition through the children’s eyes. 

Students from Mirembe Primary School in front of Xenson's installation 'Abasika Batute', © Afriart Gallery

Since August this year, AAG is organizing regular school visits to the gallery exposing as many young people as possible to art for a richer understanding of life. The gallery is a creative joint to help them grow in their critical imagination, to experience a space of inspiration, interaction, and self-awareness encouraging them to come back to these places in the future. AAG school visits reflect a community engagement program focusing on public school students who are the least likely to encounter the arts and barely familiar with gallery spaces.