Henry 'Mzili' Mujunga and Sungi Mlengeya at dot.ateliers

Published 11 November 2023 in News

left hanging - one sculpture, one rug, and paintings

We are delighted to announce Henry 'Mzili' Mujunga's and Sungi Mlengeya's participation in the group exhibition left hanging - one sculpture, one rug, and paintings at dot.ateliers in Accra, Ghana. 

This exhibition is a testament to Amoako Boafo's dedication to strengthening the creative economy beyond the development of communities and institutions. Boafo, known not only as a prolific artist but also as an avid collector, grounds his sensibility in considerations of technique, subject matter, and palettes.


Visitors to the exhibition will encounter a carefully selected array of 36 artworks from artists predominantly from Africa and its diaspora. With a deliberate focus on figuration and portraiture, the showcase establishes a thematic coherence that underscores Boafo's commitment to presenting a nuanced narrative of artistic expression within these regions.


In this role, Boafo not only extends his contribution beyond personal artistic endeavours but also actively shapes the narrative of his fellow artists' contributions within the broader context of our cultural and historical heritage.

Images courtesy of for.ateliers

For more information: https://www.dotateliers.space/left-hanging-one-sculpture-one-rug-and-paintings

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