Surfaces 3 - A Conceptual Development Workshop

Organized by Afriart Gallery | Mentored by Henry ‘Mzili’ Mujunga


Surfaces 3 is a conceptual development master class organized by Afriart Gallery and mentored by Henry ‘Mzili’ Mujunga.


Using drawing skills to create art in a more experimental way, young artists of all art disciplines are invited to experiment with proper application of the elements of art such as line, tone and texture while placing emphasis on simplicity, variety and clarity. They explore media, techniques and style with the purpose of expressing what they feel about current issues obtaining in their daily existence.


The artists carry out an enquiry into the processes involved in choosing surfaces that are outside their comfort zones and working on formats that are larger than those they are used to. They overcome challenges of enlargement ensuring that little is lost in translation from their original drawings to the final drafts.


Surfaces 3 takes on a format of a critique, instruction and production over a period of 6 weeks with the aim of the participants presenting a new work in a group exhibition at Afriart Gallery. The mentor meets the participants once a week for a 5-hour session to discuss their works and how to improve. The program therefore requires artists to have their own studio/working space.



Workshop Dates:

15th July – 31st  August 2024

Application Deadline:

30th May 2024


Who can apply?

Visual artists from all disciplines at early stages in their practice based in and around Kampala. 


How to apply? 

Send the following to [email protected]:

1.     5 images representative of your practice (for video, sound and performance work, you may send links)

2.     Your CV

3.     A PDF answering the following questions:

-       Describe yourself as an artist. (max. 400 words)

-       How do you develop the subjects of your work? (max. 400 words)

-       What do you talk about in your work? (max. 400 words)


For any enquiries about the program or application process, please email Lara Buchmann ([email protected]).


We look forward to your application!

Henry ‘Mzili’ Mujunga & The Afriart Gallery Team

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