Vivid Synergies!

Vivid Synergies! is a residency project by Afriart Gallery connecting a visual artist with a writer and a curator – supported through the Ignite Culture Fund. The program targets East African creatives based in Uganda, who are enthusiastic to work on contemporary art storytelling. From May 2023 until May 2024 there are three residencies in total, each fusing a creative duo of a writer and a visual artist working together for four months, joined by a curator towards the end of each residency.


Vivid Synergies! focuses on (re)defining visual literacy through self-determined documentation, distribution and archiving of artworks – each creative team processes and builds on two cultural products being released at the end of each residency: An Exhibition and a Book. The key is a collaborative spirit - the residency program thrives for impactful collaboration within the local arts ecosystem and empowers the role of art mediation within and beyond the creative sector in Uganda.



Residency artists Ingabire Gretta, Muhumza Denzel, Gloria Coutinho and Program manager Sina Weber (from right to left)

On Saturday, 2nd December 2023 we celebrated the opening of the visual arts and poetry showcase The Sun, the Moon and the Truth by Muhumuza Denzel, Ingabire Gretta, and Gloria Coutinho. The exhibition was running until 6th January 2024 at Akamwesi Shopping Mall in Kampala’s suburban Kyebando and chanted the outcome of the first residency group. The choice of an unconventional location was to extend the art experience to new audiences and to engage the everyday public.


Wide artworks by the Ugandan digital artist Denzel Muhumuza and floating poetry by the Rwandan writer Gretta Ingabire stimulated the audience to tap into our already existing inner connection with our natural environment while cultivating a sense of appreciation as well as attempting to rekindle ancestral bonds through the lens of culture and tradition. The walk-through exhibition was curated by Gloria Coutinho.

The opening cocktail brought together the local art community and curious walk-in audience, allowing them to explore the artworks under the mall’s glass dome amidst the shopping stores – the event was accompanied by a music live performance by Mitirikpwe Patricia and Collin Sserunjogi together with Ingabire Gretta, featuring selected poetry from the exhibition.


The book, equally titled as the exhibition: The Sun, The Moon and The Truth, represents a curated composition with images by Muhumuza Denzel and written words by Ingabire Gretta. It will be soon available via AAG Publications