A Break in Continuity | Daniel Atenyi

April 25, 2024 - May 31, 2024

Latitude 0 Hotel, Mobutu Road, Kampala, Uganda

"In ‘A Break in Continuity,’ I present an exploration of human emotion through a series of new works on paper. Drawing from memory of personal experiences, I use charcoal, pastel and coffee wash to create portraits conjured from my imagination while including a few self-portraits. I explore my own interpretation of human emotions, translating my challenges and ongoing experiences into visual form.

My work features a peculiar use of random, yet leading line-work that suggests my spontaneous approach to creation. This element allows viewers to see beneath the surface of the drawings, as if time has been frozen mid-creation. This can be seen in both the finished drawings and the rough sketches included in the exhibited body of work, offering the audience a rare glimpse into my process. 

The works embrace a level of perfection within their imperfection. They present a kind of abstraction of human figuration which both represents human form and evokes a sense of ambiguity at the same time. Through this collection, I invite the audience to reflect on the complexities of human emotions and the delicate interplay between the seen and unseen."

- Artist Statement by Daniel Atenyi, 2024

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