ARCOlisboa 2022

May 19, 2022 - May 22, 2022

At ARCOlisboa 2022, Afriart Gallery presents three artists from Uganda: Emmie Nume (1999), Henry ‘Mzili’ Mujunga (1971) and Sanaa Gateja (1950). The exhibition provides a snapshot into artistic production in Uganda, as the artists bring together viewpoints from three different generations.

Through their unique creative processes the artists are tackling questions of their times and generations. As a young adult, Nume is driven by his inner struggles that mirror questions around of coming of age and defining yourself as an individual as well as an artist. Having moved from abstract towards realistic painting throughout his over 20 years of art practice, Mujunga interrogates notions of pleasure, whereas Gateja intricately weaves form and meaning into narratives surrounding environmental and cultural conservation.

Their artworks are combined by reflections of their immediate environments – be it in form of realistic depictions of the people and natural environments the artist surrounds himself with such as in ‘Mzili’s paintings, detailed yet gloomy highlights of everyday life in Nume’s work or in form of the material itself like in Gateja’s compositions of hundreds of paper beads.

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