Kaleab Abate - New Artist Joining AAG's roster

Published 10 February 2023 in News

Kaleab Abate (*1998) was born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where he also currently lives and works. He graduated from Ale School of Fine Arts and Design, Addis Ababa, in 2021 with a focus on printmaking. 

“My compositions are loaded with unexpected forms and textures. The majority in my work is unrealistic. Figures are distorted, shapes are erratic, and color options are limited. The vast majority of events are unreal. This daring fantasy has piqued my interest. My creations, however, have a considerable amount of realism. That is why I regard my works as fantasized realities.” - Kaleab Abate

Employing various printmaking techniques, different materials, charcoal drawing, and others, allows him to experiment with different layers in his works on paper and canvas. Beginning with a portrait in which he focuses on emotions and expression rather than the likeness of his subject, he then allows the material and printmaking patterns to guide his compositions intuitively. He allows bodily shapes to fragment and deforms into layers, some rich, others delicate, half-transparent, or patterned, adding his distinct surreal twist. Abate’s layering technique becomes a process to imagine and visualize the complex depths of the stories that may or may not live within the bodies he depicts.

CLICK HERE to read more and view available works. 

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