Abu Dhabi Art 2021

November 17, 2021 - November 21, 2021

The fair will showcase exceptional art from many talented artists and feature guest curators. Several local and international galleries offering artworks for sale will be under one roof, alongside exhibitions, artist commissions and installations at the fair and across the emirate.

As part of Simon Njami's curated section of the fair titled A KIND OF BLUE, Afriart Gallery presents two artists from Uganda CHARLENE KOMUNTALE and RICHARD ATUGONZA represent a new, innovative generation of artists who challenge themselves to think beyond traditional materials and references – traditional, both in a local, Ugandan and in a global art-historical context.

Komuntale takes digital drawing to another level and through meticulous execution enters the world of fine art. Her digital paintings deconstruct patriarchal narratives as shaped by culture, religion, and politics and provide a ground for inquiry and interrogation, and for visions of different futures. Whereas Atugonza’s sculptures reflect the quest for locally sourced, recycled materials and eventually the process fuses people and the environment they inhabit.

Komuntale’s and Atugonza’s work is poetic, draws on subtle references to meaning, is quiet, yet boldly articulates a confident, inquisitive and self-reflective young Ugandan spirit.

For more information and to visit the online fair:


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