Silhouette Projects

Silhouette Projects is Afriart Gallery Kampala‚Äôs professional growth division and artist residency program.

It is our mission to create an environment where professional African artists can thrive in their work and careers. We carefully select talented artists and support them through our professional growth and mentorship programs and then invest in their visibility through exhibitions, art fairs, biennales, and museum shows.

Silhouette Project - Artist in Residence Programme (SP-AIR) offers artists the opportunity to have space and time to focus on their work. The residency focuses on the long-term impact on the careers of visiting artists. SP-AIR provides the opportunity for artists to create new work, network with people they might not otherwise meet, and ultimately grow as an artist.

The 150sqm warehouse studio and residence are located in Kampala's old industrial area. The hustle and bustle of this area make it a perfect location for artists seeking inspiration. The studio space is designed in such a way that it can accommodate the artists-in-residence, but also host workshops, creative meetings, artistic performances, and presentations. Within the premises of the studio warehouse complex, there is a lively bar, coffee shop, co-working space, and gallery that are popular with Kampala's art scene visitors. 

The program supports the artists' networking opportunities, and production needs such as space, working materials, lodging, and travel. Artists will be part of a supportive community and will be engaged in a curriculum that includes reading, writing, and researching assignments around relevant topics. The 3 months residency program is open to two to three talented, emerging young artists from the African continent who work in disciplines such as painting, drawing, installation art, sculpture, performance art, and others, and who would benefit from coaching and mentorship by industry professionals. Residents are expected to be strongly self-driven, inquisitive, and motivated to develop new ideas and focus on their artistic direction.